Google unveils Gemini

Google Unveils Gemini: AI Model with Ultra, Pro, and Nano Tiers

Google has recently unveiled its highly anticipated AI model called Gemini, which the company claims is superior to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. This groundbreaking technology is set to revolutionize various Google services and products, including Bard and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones, Chrome, Search, Ads, and more. With Gemini, Google aims to provide users with an enhanced AI experience that surpasses anything currently available in the market.

Gemini comes in three different tiers: Ultra, Pro, and Nano. The Ultra tier is Google’s most powerful model and is positioned as a direct competitor to OpenAI’s GPT-4. The Pro tier offers mid-range capabilities that outperform GPT-3.5, the baseline version of ChatGPT. Lastly, the Nano tier is a more efficient model designed specifically for mobile devices.

Bard, Google’s chatbot powered by Gemini, will be most users’ first exposure to this new AI model. While it won’t initially launch with the full capabilities of Gemini, Bard will run on a finely tuned version of Gemini Pro. According to Sissie Hsiao, Vice President of Google Assistant and Bard, this updated version of Bard will feature advanced reasoning, planning, understanding capabilities.

In addition to Bard’s release on Gemini Pro, Google plans to introduce a paid version of the chatbot called Bard Advanced in early 2024. However, details regarding pricing have not been disclosed yet.

Google has conducted extensive benchmark tests comparing Bard with the free version of ChatGPT. According to these tests, Bard has consistently outperformed ChatGPT across various measures. To demonstrate its capabilities further, Google collaborated with YouTuber Mark Rober on a project where Bard assisted in building an incredibly accurate paper airplane.

Moreover, Gemini’s integration expands beyond just chatbots and smartphones. It now powers the Summarize feature on Android’s Recorder app for Pixel 8 Pros. Additionally, Gemini Nano is responsible for Android’s Smart Reply feature on the Pixel 8 Pro, specifically in WhatsApp. Google has plans to expand Gemini’s integration into more messaging apps and other parts of the operating system in the coming year.

One of the most significant claims made by Google is that Gemini surpasses GPT-4 in terms of performance. According to Eli Collins, Vice President of Product at Google DeepMind, Gemini achieved a score of over 90% on MMLU (Massive Multitask Language Understanding). MMLU is an industry-standard benchmark that measures AI capabilities across various subjects such as math, physics, history, law, medicine, and ethics. This achievement solidifies Gemini’s position as Google’s largest and most capable AI model to date.

In conclusion, Google’s unveiling of Gemini marks a major milestone in the field of AI technology. With its Ultra, Pro, and Nano tiers, this new AI model promises to deliver an exceptional user experience across different platforms. By outperforming ChatGPT and even surpassing GPT-4 on various tests and benchmarks, Gemini showcases Google’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI innovation. As we look towards the future, it will be fascinating to witness how Gemini continues to shape and enhance our interactions with technology.

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